João Marcos Britto

João Marcos Britto

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First Name * João Marcos
Last Name * Britto
Username * jmbritto
Country * Brazil
City Rio de Janeiro
Nationality Brazilian
Languages PortugueseEnglish


Current Position Freelancer




My name is João Marcos Britto and I am a creative retoucher. Creative retouching is the art of transforming dreams into reality. It's a way of telling stories, your stories. Through combining different elements such as photographs, illustrations and 3D passes, we can create a lot of different scenarios. We are responsible for achieving "the look" of the work. I got 6 years of experience in the advertising market. I'm currently living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In my portfolio you can see some works I did while I was working inside studios and some of my personal work as well. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in working with me and I will send you an estimate. Email -


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